Sit Back & Relax With Our Salesforce Support Services?

In a challenging working environment, how do you guarantee that Salesforce meets customer desires? This begins with having a good team. No matter if you are in deployment for ten days or ten years, you need access to multiple skills and abilities that could be scalable to increase production. Salesforce support systems are suitable for companies not having a full-time admin, having trouble hiring one, or wanting to join their entirely new team. Support services are an affordable and efficient way of adding knowledge and talent at a period when there is a high value for Salesforce core competencies.

We want to make sure there are no bumps on the road once you’re on the Salesforce platform. Back-end processes are complicated and can be quite frustrating, considering not everyone has the technical finesse to find their way through them. Focus your attention on your business and leave managing and serving customers to us. Our team at CloudThrive consists of Project Managers, Technical Architects, Salesforce Consultants, Salesforce Administrators, Salesforce Developers, Business Analysts and Salesforce Support, so that you can sit back and relax with our Salesforce Support Services.

The importance of Salesforce support services

Most managers know the value of Salesforce’s resources, but only a small number of them took benefits. The battle is real; it is a constant struggle to keep up with tracking, sustaining, updating, and protecting your organization. A successful supplier of resources to Salesforce support helps by delivering many useful advantages.

Admin and Maintenance

We provide continuous administration and maintenance to make sure our customers proceed to get the most benefit from their Salesforce delivery.

Support and Training

For Salesforce customers, we are interested in supporting our customers by providing them training on how best to take advantage of the wide range of functionalities available.

Project Optimization

We make sure the Salesforce is compatible with the objectives you’re looking to accomplish and guarantee it’s optimized to suit your needs.

Best Practice

We have such an established track record of increasing our own company using the very same strategies for our clients that we introduce. 

Cloud Thrive support & management services for Salesforce involve

Salesforce Monitoring

We allow you to concentrate on your core business areas while taking over the monitoring responsibilities for implementing Salesforce. We are taking steps towards adopting best practices, defining areas of concern, and formulating appropriate risk assessments. 

Salesforce Maintenance

Our Salesforce support services aim to deliver flaw-free system features, unrestricted customer support via training and presentation, modify existing features, handle security, plan your configuration expectations so you can gain popularity in the market. We include support services relating to customer management, regular/personalized object managing, data processing, strategic security planning, and product maintenance.

Salesforce Custom Development

Onshore/offshore Salesforce staff of Cloud Thrive are distinguished by their diverse collection of technical skills along with the knowledge of highly experienced business managers. We understand precisely when to develop and when not to try to change the system that is when to grow and adapt and understand Salesforce’s maximum potential and how to use the existing functionality of Salesforce better. In designing custom functionality for standard Salesforce frameworks, Cloud Thrive has many years of professional experience.

Salesforce Help Desk

A high-quality customer rate of growth is a measure of quality for the deployment of CRM. The onshore/offshore technical team of Cloud Thrive Salesforce provides extensive training and technical support solutions to guarantee rapid development.
Call us for a free assessment to determine which of the above Salesforce support platform, the right solution is for your company or to identify your support needs and expectations and send you a detailed application.

We Are the Top Salesforce Support Service Company in USA

Does your company work to improve incredible speed efficiency? Advertising, cooperation, growth, and furthermore, we bind your business with Salesforce to grow the best out of your assets. What is your strategy for integration? Discuss with us and let our specialists support the integration of Salesforce CRM and some others.

Having worked closely with Salesforce for many years, we provide streamlined Salesforce Support services to make the company more efficient and consistent. One of USA’s most successful Salesforce Support firms, working with the CloudThrive, is always a mutually beneficial situation for your company. Get your perfect Salesforce Support plan today with our consultants!

Our Salesforce Support Offerings

We take over the entire development and administration support of your Salesforce solution or handle certain support functions, according to your needs.

Administration Support

Daily Administration

Daily administration. We configure a Salesforce solution on users’ request, e.g., set up workflows, configure custom reports, and install apps to ensure the continuity of Salesforce-supported business operations.

Data Administration

Data administration. We upload data in a Salesforce solution, cleanse data, set up duplicate and validation rules, etc.

24/7 System Monitoring

24/7 System monitoring. We quickly identify and fix errors in Salesforce performance, which helps to prevent critical performance issues.

Monthly Health Checks

Monthly health checks. We check a Salesforce solution for inefficiencies and spot which features/processes require optimization.

User Help Desk

User help desk. We support a Salesforce solution’s users from answering questions about issues, like system unavailability to issues affecting many users.

Development Support


Troubleshooting. We promptly react to complex performance/security/other Salesforce issues, which need to be fixed on the code level.

System Evolution

We implement enhancements, including substantial ones, to a Salesforce solution according to change requests and modify default functionality quickly and with no impact to current business operations in Salesforce.

Why Our Salesforce Support Services Are Right For You!

Businesses need customized integrations in order to run and manage all their business processes from within them.

Here’s Why You Should Work with Us!

  • Quick Response Time
  • Expert Knowledge
  • Flexibility
  • Tailored Solutions

CloudThrive provides a single point of contact to manage all aspects of your CRM, and we offer several packages of support so that you never end up paying more than you actually need. Over the years, we have achieved widespread recognition in the Salesforce Community due to our competence and technical prowess.

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us and we strive for it unrelentingly. Send us your Support requests and our Salesforce Consultants will take it from there and solve all your support issues. As a Certified Salesforce Partner firm, we guarantee an excellent and timely approach to all your queries.

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