Why Do You Need Salesforce CPQ Solutions?

Generate accurate quotes, better contracts, and faster cash collection, and close more deals faster with a seamless view on revenue recognition. With Salesforce’s Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ), your business will have the ability to deliver complex sales quotes, contracts, and invoices accurately and easily, helping you to improve forecasting and revenue recognition, all contained within your Salesforce platform.

Here at CloudThrive, as a recognized Salesforce Master Navigator CPQ Partner, we have more than 50 qualified Salesforce CPQ consultants, who have the expertise and project experience to help you assess, design/configure and build simple and accurate quotes, create cleaner proposals and streamline billing and revenue recognition. Highly influential experts at Salesforce CPQ to support Automate configure, price, quote and payment systems for your (CPQ).

Further essential software within Sales Cloud, Salesforce CPQ, allows you to market and invoice in one common platform. This helps you to provide full backing from lead to maintenance to your consumer development cycle. Your management teams and distributor partners can use its software to customize easily, price, and quote, including on challenging offers. It also automates sales, permits and promotions so that your income and profits can be maximized.

This approach allows you to quickly provide single-time, monthly or efficiency-based distribution channels while launching brands. It simplifies complicated invoice criteria, as well as digital billing and money collection transactions. The range of applications involves, among others, a brand compatibility list, price and comparison, plans and agreements, requests and approval, monthly billing, and payment processing. Easily configure quotes with speed and accuracy, all on the same platform

  • Configure products, price orders, and generate quotes while reducing errors and increasing sales rep productivity.
  • Create and deliver branded proposals and contracts without leaving Sales Cloud, in minutes.
  • Automate contract renewals, amendments and uplifts.
  • Benefit from the next-generation billing and revenue recognition, all on the same transaction engine.

What Can Cloud Thrive Do For You?

Create offers which are precise and straightforward.

Let sales representatives choose the products each time, for all customers. Provide clear price and discounting — and permissions when you require them — even as further quotations are sent out by representatives. 

Allow plans and agreements quicker and safer

Send ideas that look whenever you need, and cut time out of the procedure. Only include the correct words and assets, and combine with eSignature for a simpler purchase service.

Simplify the identification of payment and sales

Send receipts and receive uncomplicated cash. Easily handle adjustable criteria for the service invoicing. Recognize income instantly and record quotations, requests, bank statements and transactions.

Cloud Thrive Salesforce CPQ solutions ensure your Salesforce CPQ service is implemented on the market successfully. We have to verify that CPQ is fully installed and that your people are fully equipped to use the software.

Through Salesforce Install, Pay, Quote (CPQ), Cloud Thrive offers solutions at a set price to assist expenditure-conscious companies in starting and growing fast. Professional and certified experts provide implementations of Cloud Thrive at Salesforce. The program helps companies to keep understanding the value of CPQ as soon as feasible with a predefined range of work.

Why Should You Work With CloudThrive?

  • We are the leading Quote-to-Cash partner with the most certified and experienced CPQ consultants.
  • 8 CPQ domain experts with 10+ years in CPQ consulting.
  • Dedicated internal CPQ team with 50+ CPQ certified across the USA.
  • Dedicated CloudThrive Advisory to help with readiness around processes, change management and organizational roadmap development
  • Customer satisfaction rating of 9 out of 10.
  • Platinum Salesforce partner in all CloudThrive regions.
  • Over 700 Salesforce certifications across the group (50+ Salesforce CPQ Certifications).
  • Experience in delivering over 60 CPQ projects with a deep understanding of risks, processes and integrations.
  • Dedicated Project Managers backed by a capable team with a myriad of strengths.
  • Full project transparency and weekly showcases throughout the project.

If you’re looking for a Salesforce CPQ to support Cloud Thrive experts are here to help you. You can call us, and we are happy to assist you.

We Are the Top Salesforce CPQ Solution Provider Company in USA

Having worked closely with Salesforce for many years, we provide streamlined Salesforce CPQ services to make the company more efficient and consistent. One of USA’s most successful Salesforce Support firms, working with the CloudThrive, is always a mutually beneficial situation for your company. Get your perfect Salesforce CPQ plan today with our consultants

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