Why is Salesforce Commerce Cloud a Smarter Choice?

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is one of the biggest online e-commerce platforms. That lets the company develop much more quickly and turn more visitors into potential buyers. This combines people who buy experience because it contains all points of touch. It offers you, and many others, a 360-degree overview of your stock, requests, and tasks. It also provides digital shopping with first-mobile features, including one-touch purchasing and micro-moments optimization.

Obtainable as fully featured product offerings in B2B Global trade and B2C Business and trade or as end-to-end, truly united e-commerce products, this approach is widely used by C-level executives and people who are accountable for the client and shopping experience of a company.

Being a part of the Salesforce platform, Salesforce Commerce Cloud is focused on enhancing the efficiency of the sales team of an enterprise and hence boosting the rate of sales. It is a unique sales method that provides both the account information of the customer as well as the information captured from the social platforms regarding the product and customer.

With Sales Cloud, it is easy to judge the potential of a sales lead, and you can grow your contacts more rapidly, find new customers quicker, and close deals faster, from anywhere. The fully customizable sales platform effortlessly integrates with your business data and apps and can be used on all devices. Whether you are working in the office or on the road with your Smartphone, you can update on the go, view your critical sales data, and keep in contact with your team. Forecasting is at your fingertips, and automated actions make it easier to make decisions quickly.

Communicate with our Best Salesforce Commerce Cloud Professionals to develop e-commerce online shopping experience.

Turn more AI-enabled customers with online shopping experiences for the smartphone, social, internet and online shop

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a fully managed centralized platform capable of powering all platforms like the web, desktop, media, convenience store, and shop. Salesforce bundled it with its company’s product portfolio to offer consumers with a unified Digital and Physical shopping experience. Commerce Cloud provides a one-to-one shopping experience with designed-in artificial technology from ordering, to delivery, to client satisfaction. 

What Do We Offer As Salesforce Cloud Services?

CloudThrive offers a complete set of Salesforce Cloud Solutions, including a Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation, Customization, Consulting, Integration, Migration, And Support & Enhancement. Our Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultants professionally optimize Sales Cloud applications and recommend the best solutions based on the business needs of the clients.

Sales Cloud Integration

As a Salesforce integration specialist, we can help you integrate your Sales Cloud with other third-party solutions and your current applications, such as ERP, CTI, email, social media, other AppExchange solutions, and e-commerce platforms.

Sales Cloud Migration

We can assist you in migrating from your existing CRM to Sales Cloud. Even if you want to transfer the Sales Cloud from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Sales Cloud, our Lightning experts can help you in making your migration seamless and ensuring secure data transfer without interrupting the sales process.

Sales Cloud Support & Evolution

We provide comprehensive Sales Cloud end-to-end support and training so that you can maximize Sales Cloud benefits. Our certified consultants can help you enhance specific Sales cloud features with custom integrations and app development so that you can make the most out of your Sales Cloud investment.

Sales Cloud Implementation

We help the businesses to implement Sales Cloud in their organization irrespective of their size and nature. Whether you are seeking help for implementing Sales Cloud from scratch or need to customize your existing solution, our team can help you with that.

Sales Cloud Consulting

We provide Sales Cloud consultation services for helping you choose the right version depending on your business needs and prospected goals, customizations and integrations. Our expert consultants map the complete implementation process considering various IT strategies and challenges of the company.

Why is CloudThrive a Good Choice for Salesforce Sales Commerce Cloud?

CloudThrive has a team of experts that makes your migration and implementation process of sales Cloud easier, while also assisting you in making your sales process more effective. You can choose CloudThrive because we serve the best with our:

  • Customized Migration Strategies
  • Proven Framework
  • Cross-Industry Experience
  • Implementation Strategies
  • Industry-Leading Support
  • High Customer Satisfaction Rate

Powers Across All Clouds

An eCommerce platform is only half the fight, as the center of any business model. Commerce Cloud is one of the most powerful when linked to and when interacting with your other distribution channels. Not only does Cloud Thrive have in-depth knowledge and experience in every online platform, but we are also Salesforce partners with the insight and power to work across every Salesforce cloud and the opportunity to put the services together in a creative way.

As a successful Salesforce Integration Partner, Cloud Thrive has partnered with businesses in all sizes, will assist you with integrating the Salesforce. Let’s chat.

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