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Our Salesforce Administration services help your team to provide better and scalable CRM solutions to empower sales, service and overall marketing effort through Salesforce. All our resources are very experienced Salesforce certified admin and will help you with the best ways of getting the job done. Also, the administrative team will ensure that you are making perfect use of Salesforce in your business.

CloudThrive’s Salesforce Administrator is trusted and recommended by our clients. Our experts are Salesforce certified and possess wider knowledge with different aspects of Salesforce applications, integrations and configurations. We continuously look for ways companies can even get better from salesforce additionally.

CloudThrive is an experienced Salesforce partner, who has helped customers across different Industry verticals by redefining their Sales, Service, Marketing experience on the cloud. Team of Salesforce Certified Experts and Consultants follow the best practices to implement Salesforce features as per your business requirements.

Our qualified professionals have years of industry experience to provide you with the best possible solution. As Salesforce Administrative Experts, we are among the most well-versed Salesforce Administrative Services firms that are assisting businesses get a complete 360-degree view of their sales process, identify trends, recognize spot possibilities, improve productivity, and cut expenses. We have comprehensive strategy solutions experiences that leverage the capabilities of Salesforce Administrative Services.

We Help You Do More with Salesforce.

With Salesforce, we assist you to do much more. Get genuine-time support from a team of administrators, designers, and structural engineers with solutions that know Salesforce and know your sustainable business requires.


For consumers that need to be continually maintained support, Salesforce Admin is more than what our other service providing the offer. After execution, many clients select this option for initiatives. Breaks your Salesforce? Do you still look for immediate assistance? Do you have a dream, so don’t know the best way to achieve success? Did anything not behave properly? Better Relations ‘ Management and Support programs are ideal for businesses without a qualified administrator or need some additional support. We have the training that you need and certifications.


3/4th of the CRM applications fail due to inappropriate consumer adoption, which is generally due to inadequate preparation. To make more use of Salesforce’s resources, the adoption of customers must be guided throughout the correct direction, thus going to keep an eye on new functionality and potential launches. A Salesforce Admin is ideal for optimizing ROI, offering the most cost-effective way to handle and gain the most from the resources of Salesforce.


The Salesforce management department at Cloud Thrive works closely with the company owners, and skillfully understands the sales team’s performance to completely optimize the program and concentrate more on attracting new contracts. 


The enabling journey begins with introducing Salesforce. Prompt support from Salesforce administrators will substantially speed up consumer adoption and increase salesforce spending by businesses.

Smart Admin Service Process

After an immediate creation call to let us familiarize ourselves with your program and record its configuration, you will have sole rights to our team of dedicated Salesforce Admin staff and Experts to satisfy all your Salesforce administration and service needs.

For example, the platform covers a broad variety of administrators:

  • To review suggested changes in setup
  • Analysis options accessible 
  • Solving Salesforce setup or safety measures issues
  • Implementing health screenings, data imports, and device management
  • Individual reports and dashboards, Workflow notifications, task and confirmation regulations

Our Salesforce Administrators’ Expertise

System Setup & Processes Automation

Our Salesforce system administrators work with management, end-users, project managers to define, create and manage complex workflow rules, data validation and event triggers.

User Training

Utilize our Admin resources to help develop and implement training for users, keep materials up-to-date and communicate future Salesforce releases and enhancements to your company.

Account & Database Management

Good Data is Good Business. Our delegated Salesforce administrator & business analyst will manage de-duplication of records and data cleansing on your behalf. Importing lead, contact and key data from other applications is also including in our service.


CloudThrive clients opting for our Complete care program, can utilize technical admin support to customize their Salesforce instance.

Technical Support

CloudThrive’s remote Salesforce administrators work with end-users to troubleshoot and ensure the CRM is meeting business requirements.

Account & Database Management

Good Data is Good Business. Our delegated Salesforce administrator & business analyst will manage de-duplication of records and data cleansing on your behalf. Importing lead, contact and key data from other applications is also including in our service.

Reporting & Dashboards

Our Salesforce administrators & business analysts are well versed in creating customized reports and dashboards to help your business measure and monitor sales and operational data to keep your organization running smoothly.

Why Choose CloudThrive for Salesforce Administrative Services?

We design and optimize your sales process to maximize cross-selling, up-selling and deliver effective personalized marketing to your customers and also we are professional development and consulting partners. Alongside, we are;

  • Certified Salesforce Partner.
  • We offer Customized Products.
  • Dedicated Delivery Support Team.
  • Salesforce Developers.
  • Realistic Goals and Timeline.
  • We sell, manage and implement Salesforce solutions for you and offer training & support for your Sale.

Learn here why CloudThrive is your best option to outsource Salesforce administration.

10+ Years of Experience

CloudThrive has delivered solutions for 10 years with our own commercial SaaS offerings in the customer communications space and recently the Marketing Automation space. We have been a customer and user of Salesforce from the inception of our company.

100+ Salesforce Engagements Delivered

Whatever the complexity of the engagement, CloudThrive will deliver an exact solution that will provide your business the best possible result on the Salesforce customer success platform.

Solutions for Companies of Any Size

We serve the Small, Midsize and Enterprise clients with the same zest to help support your Salesforce initiatives. Our service offerings are designed to allow you to focus on growing your business.

Broad Domain Expertise

CloudThrive has vast experience across multiple verticals with our Clients. Our clients serve the Financial Services, Manufacturing, High Tech, Hospitality, Retail and Non-Profit organizations. Our focus is helping you maximize your investment on the Salesforce platform.

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