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The retail industry has become one of the most lucrative across the globe, and hence its needs are growing too. At CloudThrive, we have a variety of industry-specific solutions that are designed to make the retailing processes simpler and faster both for the retailer and customers.
CloudThrive utilizes its Salesforce technology expertise with retail IT consultancy to digitize customer experiences, monitor retailer and buyers’ systems, and optimize retail services. Enhance Customers’ Satisfaction, Boost Service Efficiencies Salesforce, Reduce Uncertainty and allows all stakeholders in the retail industry from customers, suppliers, competitors, government, financial community, service providers, employees, managers, landlords, owners, and community to turn their workflow with a more organized, effective focus on the customer.
The retail industry is going through the biggest revolution i.e. digitization, and these new facets of retailing are changing everything. Business enterprises are progressively adopting business models that are more personalized, internally and externally effective and interactive, support data-driven business decisions, and reduce paperwork.
CloudThrive, as a Salesforce Partner, offers you all these alongside the guarantee of maximizing your business performance. We have obtained our industry expertise through hundreds of successful Salesforce implementations. We are a dedicated retail salesforce technology expert with retail IT consultancy services managed by professionals with strong, specialized consulting and technical experience.

The healthcare system changes continuously. Organizations were shifting towards more personalized treatment, effective internally and externally interaction, data-driven business decisions, and reduced paperwork process. CloudThrive, as a Salesforce Partner, maximizes the industry expertise obtained from hundreds of Salesforce implementations, with a dedicated health care provider managed by experts with strong, specialized consulting, medical, and technical experience.

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Improve Retailers Market Outreach & Audience Engagement

Our Salesforce Retail Cloud implementations enable you to connect with customers through multiple platforms while communicating with your target audience around the global retailing ecosystem, from manufacturers to suppliers/distributors to retailers to ultimate consumers. You can offer complete personalized experiences on the road to successful results by relating market research, sales plans, customer expectations, and even more.


Improve Customer/Buyers Engagement In Their Purchasing Decision

Today, every business firm is undertaking an extra effort to build trustworthy and lasting relationships with their customers in order to gain and maintain businesses in the modern digital retailing world. With Salesforce Retail Cloud, you can find how personalized product development and sales experience can enhance customer engagement while encouraging the overall retailing process to build the best customer experiences possible.

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Being a learning organization, we always believe in embracing the change as quickly as possible and to uphold a proactive business approach. That is why, CloudThrive was very much prepared for this revolution that is ruling the retail industry now. And, today we are proud to have a retailing system that is capable of bringing all your retail communications, resources, protocols, services, and records together in a completely organized manner. For several years, our retail professionals have analyzed patterns and identified all the aspects in which technological progress will change, update, and enhance the retail sector.

Enhancing operational processes and technology are offering retailers better control on their own resources and operations while facilitating an effective growth of their business and of the industry on the whole.

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